Patient Information

Emergency Contact Information

In an emergency call 000 for an ambulance. Our after hours locum service, provided by WADMS, can be accessed by calling 9321 9133. If you suspect heart attack or stroke, do not call Shenton GP, call 000 and attend the closest emergency department.


The standard appointment length is 15 minutes. If you require more time our doctors encourage you to book a longer appointment. Each day there are a number of time slots set aside for people who need to be seen on the same day. These can be booked by ringing early in the morning on 9381 8154.

Home visits may be available for patients with limited mobility or severe ill health. Contact reception to arrange appointments.

Telehealth appointments are available for all patients, instead of a face-to-face consultation, and especially encouraged for those patients experiencing coughs/colds/sore throat/chestiness and/or fever, to reduce the risk of infection in our waiting room for patients and staff. Telehealth appointments are billed in line with the usual practice billing policy and will incur an out of pocket cost. Please speak to reception if you require more information.

Recalls And Reminders

We ask patients to ring for test results. If you have an urgent or abnormal result we will attempt to contact you as quickly as possible to make an appointment.

For privacy reasons, please be aware that we do not routinely fax, mail out or email copies of results to patients but encourage you to ask for a copy at your next consultation.

Shenton GP operates a reminder service for important check-ups, vaccines and repeat tests.  You may receive an SMS or letter reminding you to make an appointment.

Request For Prescriptions And Referrals

Please make an appointment for repeat prescriptions and referrals. This appointment can be via telehealth if you are a regular patient of the practice.


Shenton GP is a private billing practice. Face to face appointments and telehealth appointments will incur a fee. Your medicare rebate will cover part of the consultation fee. Our system allows us to process your Medicare rebate so that the rebate is usually back in your account the next working day. The fee payable is determined by the time spent with the doctor as well as the services provided during your consultation. We do not routinely bulk bill patients.

  • Standard consultation – $93
  • Standard consultation (reduced fee) – $80
  • Long consultation (20mins+) – $165
  • Long consultation (reduced fee) – $135
  • Extended Consult (40mins+) – $175
  • Extended Consult (reduced fee) – $160
  • Non-Attendance Fee: $30


Your feedback is appreciated for the continued improvement of our practice.  You are welcome to provide any feedback by completing the Feedback Form available in the waiting room.

If you wish to make a complaint about any aspect of our services, please speak to your doctor directly , call , email or write a letter directed to the practice manager.  If this fails to resolve the issue, you can contact Health and Disability Services Complaints Office on 6551 7600.


As a patient of our medical practice we collect information from you, so that we may properly assess, diagnose, treat and be proactive in your health care needs. We operate a secure storage system for your records.  Our “Health information use and consent form” is available at reception or you can read more about our privacy policy here.

Email Communication

Electronic communication is available through the email address:

Email messages will be forwarded to the appropriate doctor and a response will be given in a timely manner. Email should not be used for booking, cancelling appointments or medical emergencies.

For privacy reasons please note that patient health information cannot be transmitted via email.